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In order to make Christian education accessible to a wider grouping of Bitterroot families, HCA has always charged lower tuition rates than the cost of operation. Families with multiple children also receive an automatic multi-child discount. Additionally, we offer tuition assistance to families in need and to our staff. In order to provide these direct benefits to parents and students, HCA does expect every family to participate in our main fundraising efforts annually.

Bike-A-Thon (Apr/May)

Annually, the HCA Bike-a-Thon kicks off the fundraising season as a community celebration. Students in every grade bike a marked course from Solid Rock Baptist Church to Victor with their parents, friends, and families. The Bike-A-Thon runs until 12 pm, followed by lunch and fun and games until 1. This is a great chance for families to interact with classmates, to enjoy a Saturday together, and for the community to learn more about Hamilton Christian Academy. 

Gracious Givers (Oct-Jan)

Gracious Givers (formerly Leave a Legacy) is a simple letter campaign filled with love and good cheer. You provide us with 10 names and addresses of friends and family. We will send everyone on your GG Contact List a Christmas card from HCA, including a piece of art (envelope sized) from your child (which will be done in class). For each $750 you raise, your family will fulfill one fundraising responsibility. Any amount raised will be added to your overall fundraising contribution. We will follow up with a personalized thank you note for each donor. If you are a returning HCA family, we can provide you with a list of your previous contacts. 2 volunteer coordinator positions are available yearly for this campaign. Please contact the office if you would like to volunteer. 

HCA Plant Sale (Spring)

Hamilton Christian Academy partners with Brown's Greenhouse to bring you our annual plant sale. Vegetables, herbs, hanging baskets, and more! Pre-orders go out a few weeks before the in-person plant sales begin at various locations throughout the Bitterroot. Many hands are needed to make this event with multiple satellite locations a success. This provides families in need of fulfilling their fundraising commitment for the year one last chance to get those funds raised! 

HCA Bike-A-Thon