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Public Minutes from our Feb. 22, 2023 Board Meeting

Hamilton Christian Academy
School Board Meeting
February 22, 2024
General Session of Board Meeting

I.    Regular meeting called to order at approximately 6:05 pm

II.     Roll Call
Present: HOS Dean Anglea, Assistant HOS Bron Anglea, Brian Wrede, Julie Huls, Ellen Holton, Randy Weaver, Janet Ioder

III.     Prayer/Devotional
Julie led the devotional about endurance vs. perseverance
Encouraged us to endure patiently as endurance is the ability to withstand hardship while perseverance takes continued effort to achieve something, despite opposition.
Ellen will lead the devotional at the April meeting.  We will begin chapter 1 in the book, Serving God on the Christian School Board
Brian Wrede opened in prayer    

IV.    Approval Minutes
Board motioned and accepted minutes from the January meeting with the following correction: 
New Business:    
B.  Change or Responsibilities to: Change of Responsibilities 
Motioned to approve by Ellen; motion carried unanimously


V.    Financial Review
Review of Financial Report
Financials approved unanimously

VI.    Old Business
    a.   Head of School Report
Enrollment currently is 82 students
Several new families have been interviewed this past week
2024-2025 School Calendar was presented and reviewed
Staffing: New hires: David Servideo for Outdoor Education
Staffing: Open positions: AD/Coach, Technology teacher/IT Tech, Substitutes
Discover HCA Event will be on March 12; posters have been printed, announcements will be on the local radio as well


VII.    Committee Reports
Parent-Teacher Organization (PTO) report given by JodieK Pratt
Discussed that parents have been reaching out to teachers to see what needs there are and offering to help fill those needs
Several parents have contacted Dean asking how they can support the school and what tasks they can help with 
Mr. Schmitt will meet with Dean to accomplish various projects
PTO would like a commitment from the board to release financials.  The board discussed this topic and concluded that financials can be viewed in the school office, but would not be available to take out of the school, citing the need to be cautious with the financial particulars in regards to non-stakeholders outside of the school
JodieK requested that Dean discuss the decision of financial transparency with Mr. Schmitt so he can share that with the PTO members
At the next PTO meeting, officers will be elected, as well as a liaison
The PTO expressed thankfulness to the board for their support
In response to the parents and PTO asking about ways they can assist the school, Dean has prepared a spreadsheet with various projects broken into the following categories: 
Urgent needs
Minor projects
Major projects
Parent projects
Other needs
Building Committee report given by Randy Weaver
Bill and Randy met with High Mountain Truss to discuss the design and quotes for the trusses
They are waiting to hear back on the truss plan and then will go to the engineer
A project manager is needed; that person needs to have construction/contractor and project management experience
Policy and Procedure Committee report given by Janet Ioder
All seven handbooks and manuals have been reviewed
Suggestions have been noted on Google Docs
Board members have also reviewed the documents and have added comments
Final suggestions will be made and the board will review and vote on the changes
Family Relations Committee 
Donuts with Dads was a huge success with a large turn-out
Muffins with Moms is scheduled for March 5, 2024
CSIP Report by Dean and Bron
Several of the Initiatives were highlighted and their progress was shared
Each initiative has multiple steps and/or events in place that will help continue to move forward with the school improvement plan
Fundraising Committee report by Ellen Holton
An update on the April 5th Gala event was presented
Discussion on how to present to the public what the monies will be used for from the fundraising to alleviate confusion as to where their donations will be going
The Fundraising Committee asked for two individuals to speak at the Gala to encourage donations and to share how supporting HCA is good for the students as well as the community

VIII.   Special Guest: Ginny Hoffman
Mrs. Hoffman presented the opportunity for any high school junior boys or girls to apply for Boy’s State/Girl’s State 
She shared what is presented at Boy’s/Girl’s State, as well as what participants learn while attending
Interested students are encouraged to apply online at the American Legion website
The  American Legion and American Legion Auxiliary of Corvallis sponsors several students to attend each year

IX.  Open Meeting adjourned at 8:32 p.m.
    Next meeting April 25, 2024 at 6 p.m.

Minutes prepared by Janet Ioder
Board Member




Our HCA School Board

Julie Huls - Chair

Bill Eiler - Treasurer

Darcie Zohner - Secretary

Brian Wrede

Ellen Holton

Janet Ioder

Randy Weaver

Dean Anglea - Head of School

Bronwyn Anglea - Assistant Head of School

School Board Committees

Budget and Finances - Bill Eiler (Treasurer), Julie Huls (Board Chair), Dean Anglea (Head of School)

Fundraising - Ellen Holten, Dean Anglea (Head of School), various parents

Policy and Procedure - Janet Ioder, Dean Anglea (Head of School), others as needed

Facilities and Maintenance (including building projects) - Bill Eiler (Treasurer), Randy Weaver, Dean Anglea (Head of School)

Publicity/Marketing - unspecified board member(s), Dean Anglea (Head of School)

Family Relations - unspecified board member(s), Dean Anglea (Head of School)

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