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Middle School

As the bridge between elementary and high school, Hamilton Christian Academy's Middle School provides instruction between our 7th-8th grade class and our 5th-6th grade class. In preparation for high school, middle school provides students with a smooth transition from elementary school's self-contained classrooms, while easing them into the demands of high school. Through a rich curriculum, high-quality instruction, and collaboration with administrators and faculty, students will be prepared for future academic success.

Curriculum: HCA offers education based on Christian perspectives. We currently use materials from ACSI/Purposeful Design, Apologia Science, and BJU Press. We regularly evaluate our curriculum to see how it is meeting the needs of the students.

Achievement Tests: K-8 students will be administered MAPS NWEA tests 2-3 times per year to evaluate progress as well as to secure normed achievement scores.

Homework: is an important reinforcement of the concepts learned in the classroom. Parents are asked to support the school by encouraging their children to complete each assignment thoroughly and promptly. Each student in grades 1 and up is given a planner/assignment book to be used throughout the year as we desire to help the children with their organizational skills and management of large and small tasks.

We believe these resources will aid in accomplishing our goal of excellence in academics with a strong Christian foundation.