7th Through 12th Grade


7th - 10th Grades

HCA students participate in the SMART competition, which focuses on using sustainable technology to improve their school.

Model United Nations

9th-12th Grades

Model UN Press Release
Hamilton Christian Academy’s Model United Nations team recently returned from the 50th annual Montana Model United Nations Conference. The conference was held at the University of Montana on November 23rd and 24th. It was attended by 433 students from 21 Montana, Idaho and Wyoming high schools.

At Model UN conferences, students participate in simulations of United Nations sessions, debating, negotiating, caucusing, drafting and voting on resolutions that address world problems. On the Hamilton Christian Academy (HCA) team this year, there were four HCA students and one home school student: Alyssa Liercke, John Holtzen, Lucky Segura, Clay Mullet and Abigail Beck. They were assigned the country of the Russian Federation.
Each of the students participated in one of five committees: General Assembly Plenary, General Assembly First Committee (security issues), General Assembly Second Committee (economic and financial issues), General Assembly Third Committee (social, cultural, and humanitarian issues), and the Security Council.

The conference opened with a keynote address of “Global Cooperation in a Fragmenting World”, by Joanna R. Shelton, former Deputy Secretary General of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development in Paris and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Trade Policy. Students then met in their committees from late Monday morning through Tuesday afternoon.

Individual, country and school awards were announced during the closing ceremonies on Tuesday. Hamilton Christian Academy students Abigail Beck and John Holtzen each received Honorable Position Paper awards (top 20%), John Holtzen received an Honorable Delegate award (top 20% of students in his committee), Abigail Beck received the Outstanding Delegate award (top1-2% of students in her committee). Their team of five received the Honorable Delegation award (top 20% all teams) for their collective representation of the Russian Federation, and out of 12 other “small school delegations”, Hamilton Christian Academy had the highest ranking and received the Outstanding Small School award for their overall preparedness, participation and excellence at the conference.

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